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Ferris College of Business Students Compete in ACG Cup

April 12, 2019


Two teams of students from the College of Business competed in the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Cup on February 23, 2019.

During the competition, teams of three or four students from schools all over Michigan analyzed complex business cases and presented strategies involving merger and acquisition alternatives, valuation, capital markets, finance options, and corporate strategy. The winning team not only wins the competition, but also $5,000.

“Our two teams were highly competitive; however, we did not make it to the final round,” said Assistant Professor Leslie Sukup, who was involved with connecting students to the competition.

The Ferris students who participated included: Vitoria Ebeling Hahn, Haley Geib, Deryn Brennan, Tyler Glynn, and Noah Kent on Business Professionals of Ferris State University Team 1; and Nicolas Dalesandro, Brennan Mason, Gabriella Mamouzelos, and Matthew Bosler on Business Professionals of Ferris State University Team A.

“The ACG Cup was an experience I would recommend to any business student looking for real world exposure,” said Deryn Brennan. “It encouraged strategy, teamwork and confidence. I valued the experience highly since it was a unique opportunity to showcase professional business skills taught by the College of Business.”

Students interested in competing in future ACG cup events may contact Dr. Sukup or Associate Professor Tyler Watts.

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