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New Student Organization for Global Citizens

November 18, 2014


If you are interested in volunteering abroad, those in Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (also known as International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences, AIESEC) know just the people to get you there. AIESEC can lead you to and through volunteer experiences almost anywhere on the planet.

AIESEC is a Registered Student Organization new to our campus and the group to join, wherever you wish to go. This worldwide student-led group offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, change the world, and gain experience and skills that matter.

After over 65 years of existence and membership growth, AIESEC now encompasses much more than just economics and commerce. The name remains, but its true meaning is found in the experiences of students of all trades.

Today, AIESEC is the largest student-run organization in the world. It is present in over 2,600 universities in 120 countries that have produced over 1,000,000 alumni.

“Our priority is to spread awareness and learn about other countries and their cultures both in the business world and in everyday life,” says Stephanie Mellinger, president of AIESEC at Ferris. “The goal of AIESEC is to send students abroad with volunteer opportunities. We network with our chapters in other countries and provide opportunities to travel and gain some great experiences. We also create an amazing support group for those students who want to go abroad.”

Being a member of AIESEC gives students great networking opportunities, ways to get involved on campus, the ability to help people go abroad, and opportunities to go abroad themselves. AIESEC is free to join and open to all majors.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining this organization visit their chapter Facebook page.