Picture of Kirk Bartling

Kirk Bartling
1995 TVPR
Distance Learning Coordinator
Michigan State University

Picture of Stephen Beck

Stephen Beck
1994 TVPR
Senior Account Director
Cadillac, Buick & GMC Teams, Czarnowski

Picture of Tyler Bedgood

Tyler Bedgood
2010 TDMP
Freelance Director of Photography

Picture of Nicole Black

Nicole Black
2016 TDMP
WTXL ABC 27 (Florida)

Picture of Dean Brennan

Dean Brennan
2007 TDMP
Video Production Director/Post Production Supervisor
Texas State University

Picture of Tim Brown

Tim Brown
1988 TVPR
Multimedia Resources Supervisor
DTE Energy

Picture of Rob Byrd

Rob Byrd
1995 TVPR
Owner, Producer, Director
Moondog Productions

Picture of Lauren Carnevale

Lauren Carnevale
2014 TDMP
Production Coordinator
Jackson Dawson

Picture of Shawn DeWeerd

Shawn DeWeerd
2009 TDMP
Broadcast Engineer Drone Pilot
Notre Dame Studios

Picture of Jeremy Dulac

Jeremy Dulac
2010 TDMP
Videographer, Editor
Pratt and Miller Engineering

Picture of Evan Dulac

Evan Dulac
2016 TDMP
Cynthia Kay and Company

Picture of Michael Dulin

Michael Dulin
2006 TDMP
Vice President of Marketing Manager
Chase Brand Creative JP Morgan Chase

Picture of Josh Eisengruber

Josh Eisnegruber
2013 TDMP
Coastline Studios

Picture of Amanda Harrell

Amanda Harrell
Vice President of Global Marketing
Invicro LLC

Picture of Mariah Iltis

Mariah Iltis
2015 TDMP
Video Editor
Cynthia Kay and Company

Picture of Frank Kaniarz

Frank Kaniarz
2007 TDMP
President and CEO
Michigan Digital Solutions

Picture of Navin Kharmai

Navin Kharmai
2005 TDMP
Video Production Specialist
Gordon Food Service

Picture of Michael King

Michael King
2014 TDMP
Digital Media Director
Heartland Hockey Camp

Amy Kusmierz

Amy Kusmierz
2013 TDMP
Coastline Studios

Ronny Latimore

Ronny Latimore
2015 TDMP
Digital Marketing Specialist
SHI International Corporation

Picture of Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee
2006 TDMP
Multimedia Specialist
City of Holland

Picture of Sami Jo Lesniak

Sami Jo Lesniak
2015 TDMP
Game Entertainment and Production Coordinator
Harrisburg Senators

Picture of Daniel Lidman

Daniel Lidman
2015 TDMP

Picture of Chris Malkiewicz

Chris Malkiewicz
2017 TDMP
Digital Media Production Coordinator
Grand Rapids Griffins

Picture of Kaitlin Mavis

Kaitlin Mavis
2016 TDMP
Video Coordinator
Oregon State Athletics

Picture of Shannon Mellinger

Shannon Mellinger
2014 TDMP
Marketing Specialist Compliance Systems

Picture of Josh Monroe

Josh Monroe
2018 TDMP
9&10 News

Picture of Dallas Munger

Dallas Munger
2016 TDMP
Video Specialist

Picture of Tyler Norfleet

Tyler Norfleet
2017 TDMP
Data Asset Manager
DTE Energy

Picture of Michael Penhollow

Michael Penhollow
2013 TDMP
Video Production Manager
Boston Bruins

TPicture of Lindsay Pepper

Lindsay Pepper
2012 TDMP
Emmy Award Winning Foley Artist
Technicolor at Paramount

Picture of Dominic Pipia

Dominic Pipia
2007 TDMP
Camera Owner/Operator
DP3 Productions

Picture of Derek Rottman

Derek Rottman
2009 TDMP
Founder/Post-Production Specialist
Fission 3

Picture of Tyler Savides

Tyler Savides
2017 TDMP
Video Editor Nex Gen Dynamics

Megan Soller

Megan Soller
2018 TDMP
Communications and Outreach Associate
U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships

Picture of Marrisa Spencer

Marrisa Spencer
2012 TDMP
Director’s Assistant
Walt Disney Studios

Clayton Springer

Clayton Springer
2017 TDMP
Videographer, Editor, Director & Motion Graphics Editor
Amway Corporation

Picture of Daniel Stahl

Daniel Stahl
2008 TDMP
Media Specialist
L3 Technologies

Picture of Lauren Stefl

Lauren Stefl
2018 TDMP
Assistant Video Editor
Hy-Vee Inc

Picture of Abigail Stricker

Abigail Stricker
2017 TDMP
Multi-Platform Producer
13 On Your Side

Jeff Sukes

Jeff Sukes
2013 TDMP

Mike Uguccioni

Mike Uguccioni
1992 TVPR
Visual Effects Artist
Hollywood, California

Tim Walega

Tim Walega
1993 TVPR
Customer Service Representative Nationwide Video

Picture of Colby Wittman

Colby Wittman
2014 TDMP
Video Producer & Editor
Johnson Rauhoff

Picture of Jesse Woodworth

Jesse Woodworth
2016 TDMP
Video Editor
Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show

Picture of Krysta Taylor

Krysta Taylor
2020 TDMP
Equipment Manager
Big Shoulders Digital Video

Picture of Jody Sellers

Jody Sellers
2018 TDMP
Associate Video Editor Specialist
Bissell Homecare, Inc.

Picture of Rachel Busch

Rachel Busch
2020 TDMP
Mod Bettie Portrait Boutique

Picture of Danielle Will

Danielle Will
2019 TDMP
Programming Coordinator

Picture of Jody Sellers

Garret Morgan
2019 TDMP
Editor / Videographer
Yellow Dog Creative (Swick Media)