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Celebration Welcomes Back Ferris Students

September 14, 2012


The College of Business (COB) hosted its 8th Annual Celebration Festival to welcome returning Ferris students on Thursday, September 13, in the IRC connector. The event welcomed 252 new and returning business students as well as other Ferris students, who could check out what COB and business-related RSOs had to offer this year.

Barbara Renne, internship coordinator in the COB, organized this year’s Celebration Festival. “Not only are there scholarship awards and prizes, the food is excellent. Students also have the opportunity to check out the RSOs from the College of Business,” Renne said. “It’s another social outing for students and they get to see their faculty outside of the classroom.”

Quinn’s Music, of Big Rapids, provided music; Bruce Hammond and David Murry, faculty in the technology department, grilled brats and hotdogs on the “Monster Grill” built by the welding program at Ferris. Throughout the evening, business students could enter a raffle to win a $500 scholarship, two $100 gift cards, $50 gift cards to Barnes and Noble, or a mountain bike. They also received Frisbees with gift cards attached.

Emily Browy, a freshman in the Resort Management Program, had a great time networking at the celebration. “My adviser thought it would be a good opportunity to attend this event,” Browy said. “A good network, it’s especially important in resort management and hospitality. Meeting people gives you opportunities to get internships, get out there, and have your name heard.”

Several RSOs from the COB were present at the event, including the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, AdGroup, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Delta Sigma Pi, and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

The COB Celebration Festival was a great experience for the students. They were able to reunite with friends, check out organizations, and interact with their professors. “The College of Business does appreciate the fact that the students chose to come to Ferris and that we as well enjoy the chance to interact with them,” Renne said. “We want this to be a welcoming event for students.”

The event was made possible by Dean Dr. David Nicol’s generosity, and successful because of the supportive faculty of the COB.