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Conference Offers Learning in Leadership

June 8, 2015


Public Relations major Emma Thibault traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she attended the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Leadership Rally. Thibault serves as the President of Ferris’s PRSSA chapter.

PRSSA is the premiere pre-professional organization for public relations students. The Society has over 320 university chapters and 10,000 student members nationally, and internationally.

The three-day conference was offered to PRSSA chapter presidents to prepare them for the upcoming school year. The chapter presidents focused on gaining leadership skills and learning how to maximize students’ value as PRSSA members, how to dissolve conflict, how to manage a pre-professional organization, and how to prepare students for their careers in the public relations industry.

“I wanted to attend the PRSSA Leadership Rally because I knew that the wealth of information I would acquire would greatly benefit my role as president in the upcoming school year,” Thibault says. “I’ve attended multiple PRSSA conferences and I consistently leave these conferences as a better leader, student, PR pro, and friend. This is due to the engaging, educational, and aspiring material PRSSA offers its members. I knew that PRSSA’s Leadership Rally wouldn’t disappoint.”

PRSSA offers annual conferences throughout the school year for its members, including their National Conference, National Assembly, Regional Conferences, and Leadership Rally.

According to Thibault, the most rewarding thing she took away from her time at Leadership Rally was “the relationships I’ve made with other aspiring public relations professionals. I never imagined that I would gain such great friendships during my time in Scottsdale. It’s a great feeling when you surround yourself with people who share the same goals, passions, and work ethic as you do.”

To learn more about the registered student organization, visit the PRSSA Facebook page.


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