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Michigan’s First Cyber Competition Center to be Established at Ferris State University

January 22, 2018


The Information Security and Intelligence program received a grant from the National Security Agency and Department of Defense to establish Michigan’s first Cyber Competition Center at Ferris State University.

The $160,000 grant provides funding to establish a facility to host cyber competitions in cyber security, digital forensics and data analytics while also serving as a platform for delivering synchronous two-way online interactive cybersecurity instruction. A goal of the ISI program is to establish various individual and team based competitions for secondary school, university and corporate participants. A dedicated Cyber Competition Center will provide the capability to host on-site and virtual competitions in an ongoing league format in addition to single event competitions.

The College of Business at Ferris State University provides career-oriented education, responding for over 100 years to the changing needs of the business world. The curriculum prepares graduates to deal with real issues as members and leaders of tomorrow’s workforce. The Information Security and Intelligence program is ranked among the top 25 cyber security programs nationally, preparing students for careers in computer forensics, cyber security, data analytics/big data, incident response, and mobile security.


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