Cyber Safe Film: Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Quiz and Answer Guide for Parents, Teachers and Presenters

After watching the Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet film, use this quiz to see what you learned.

Keeping Kids Safe Recap Quiz Keeping Kids Safe Recap Quiz ANSWERS

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Recap Quiz

What kind of information should I use for a username?

  • Name
  • School
  • Color
  • Age

Who should I talk with about my safety word?

  • Parents
  • Strangers
  • Family
  • Neighbors

What should I NOT do if I feel uncomfortable?

  • Go along with it
  • Get an adult
  • Tell my parents
  • Run

True or False: Once something is posted online, the information is there forever.

True or False: I can trust everyone I meet online.

True or False: Sharing photos of myself online is okay.

When a popup for game features appears on my screen I should:

  • Ask my friend if they have done it
  • Check with my parent
  • Download as fast as possible
  • Share things about myself

If someone tries to pick me up without the correct safety word, I should:

  • Give them hints to the safety word
  • Go with them anyways
  • Ask if they know my parent
  • Say “NO” loudly and refuse

A trusted adult is NOT:

  • A teacher
  • My parent
  • A coach
  • Someone who says they know my parent

If me or someone I know is being bullied, I should:

  • Talk with people online
  • Meet online friends in person
  • Share my picture with people online
  • Ask a teacher or parent for help

Online time should be about:

  • Having fun
  • Learning
  • Being Safe
  • All of the above