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Economic Conference Brings Opportunity to Ferris Students

March 16, 2016


Three College of Business students attended a student economic conference at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania on February 26-27. The Austrian Student Scholars Conference is open to undergraduates and graduate students in any academic discipline willing to present their own research papers on an arrange of topics.

Two of the students with Professor Mark Brandly presented their papers regarding the economics in today’s world. Pedro Maranhao, a senior in the program, presented his paper titled “ The Brazilian Development Bank and the Business Cycle.” Then another student, Justin Austin, who recently took on the new economic minor,  presented his paper, “ Voting Away Your Personal Liberty.” The third student in attendance, Lisa Raney, did not present a paper, however, she was able to gain experience and discuss today’s economics with her fellow peers.

Ferris State Professor, Mark Brandly was also the key-note speaker for this conference where he gave the Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture. His talk was called “ Mises, Calculation, and Government Land Ownership.”

For more information go to the Austrian Student Scholars Conference website.