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Economic Student and Professor Present at International Conference

April 5, 2017


Although it is less than a year old, the Economics minor program at the College of Business has lead to some big discussions and accomplishments.

On March 10, Justin Austin, a student earning a minor in Economics, served as a student representative on the Health Care panel at the Austrian Economics Research Conference in Auburn, Alabama. He presented a paper titled: The Cuban Health Care Paradox: A Case of Ignored Costs and Implications.

Through his paper, Austin explained how the Cuban health care mandate lead to a misallocation of resources in the Cuban economy. This ultimately lead to a discussion during the question and answer portion of the panel.

At the same conference the following day, Economics professor, Mark Brandly, chaired a Public Policy panel. As part of the panel, Brandly presented a paper titled: Horizontal Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Our Ground Water.

In the paper, Brandly explained that most critics of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) misunderstand old and gas industry practices.

“By explaining the engineering of drilling and fracking, I showed that the environmental danger of fracking are extremely overstated” said Brandly..

Brandly agrees with the Environmental Protection Agency’s position that there is no systematic water quality problem due to fracking.

The Austrian Economic Research Conference is the international, interdisciplinary meeting of the Austrian School, bringing together leading scholars doing research in a vibrant and influential intellectual tradition. This conference includes paper sessions as well as five keynote speakers talking about a variety of topics affecting today’s world economy.

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