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Ferris Accountancy Undergraduate Program Offers Opportunity to Become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

April 17, 2019


The Ferris State University Accountancy undergraduate program offers students the opportunity to become a certified public accountant (CPA).

Most Michigan universities require students to be in a master’s program before qualifying for the CPA, but Ferris is different. Students in the Ferris Accountancy bachelor’s degree program can take the exam earlier, allowing them proof of their skills and knowledge earlier and widening their opportunities in the field.

CPA Testing: The BAR Exam of Accounting

The CPA exam is a four-part rigorous exam. The accountancy equivalent to the BAR exam taken by lawyers, passing this test signifies that the professional is confident in his skills and knowledge of accountancy. The exam must be passed with 75 or more points for the professional to become certified. The CPA exam isn’t required to become an accountant, but it is required to work in a public accounting firm.

The test requires students to have 150 credit hours, which is 30 more than the average bachelor’s degree. To obtain the credits necessary, Ferris students often choose to dual major in Accountancy/Finance. In addition to being able to take the CPA as an undergraduate, students who complete the dual major save time and money.

More information can be found at the Accountancy program page.

The College of Business at Ferris State University provides career-oriented education, responding for over 100 years to the changing needs of the business world. The curriculum prepares graduates to deal with real issues as members and leaders of tomorrow’s workforce. Their Bachelor of Science in Accountancy prepares students for the Certified Public Accounting exam as well as other educational opportunities.