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Ferris State Students help Trinity Fellowship Church through Local Survey

February 8, 2017


Students from Henry Ho’s marketing research class at Ferris State University (FSU) presented information gathered by a local survey to Trinity Fellowship Church (TFC).

Professor Ho was approached by a member of TFC with intentions of finding attitudes and awareness of local residents toward TFC and its services. The 37 FSU students involved with the research project developed a 20-question survey to assess the views of the public so the church could respond to the surrounding community accordingly.

“I learned how to implement the surveys into real life situations for a real life company. We actually could make a difference for the local community.” said Ferris State senior Professional Golf Management (PGM) major Elizabeth Bauernfeind.

The students distributed the survey to local residents at different businesses in the community and made it available online as well. The survey was distributed from November 7 to December 1, 2016 and received 840 total respondents from the city of Big Rapids and surrounding community residents.

The surveys were used to elicit responses and the students evaluated the information received in order to gain helpful recommendations for the administrators of Trinity Fellowship Church.

The project didn’t just help out TFC, but the students as well.

“The opportunity for our students to conduct a quantitative research for their client has gave them a hands-on experience of dealing with real client and assist their customer to resolve a current marketing problem. This is one of the problem-based learning (PBL) approach that use by the marketing professors at Ferris” said Dr. Ho.

The students have presented the findings of the survey to the administrators of TFC on December 8, 2016. The written report with the evaluation of the data will be delivered to TFC by February 15, 2017.