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Ferris Graphic Media Management Students Awarded $61,250 in External Scholarships

October 10, 2018


Ferris Graphic Media Management students were awarded a combined $61,250 in external scholarships for Fall 2018 from the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation and the Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation.

From both foundations, Ferris State University was number one in the total amount of scholarships awarded to a school.

Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation Scholarship

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors awarded $32,750 in scholarships to the following Ferris students:

  • Jordan Campbell
  • Domonique Anaya
  • Marielle Bender
  • Terecia Bradley
  • Morgan Dodson
  • Arianna Tirado-Gonzalea
  • Ashley Moore
  • Sydney Noordyk
  • Brandon Sehrt
  • Will VanVels
  • Rachel Ward
  • Shannon Corbett
  • Michael Poindexter

Ann Arbor Memorial Foundation Scholarship

The Ann Arbor Memorial Foundation awarded $28,500 in scholarships to Ferris students. This was more than double the scholarship money earned by students at Western Michigan University.

The College of Business at Ferris State University provides career-oriented education, responding for over 100 years to the changing needs of the business world. The curriculum prepares graduates to deal with real issues as members and leaders of tomorrow’s workforce. Their Graphic Media Management program prepares students to hit the ground running in one of the world’s largest industries: print media production. Students learn how to make, sell, and distribute printed items like product packaging, brochures and catalogs, and T-shirts and textiles.


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