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Graphic Design at Ferris State Visits Chicago

May 9, 2016


This April, the Graphic Design program at Ferris State took a two-day trip to the Windy City to tour VSA Partners and to experience Chicago.

VSA Partners is a design firm that was founded nearly 30 years ago that specializes in branding and marketing. The firm has countless big name clients such as McDonalds, Facebook, Target and Nike.

Junior Amanda Barnes states “When we actually got to the VSA Partners studio I noticed how open all the space is, there was nobody in cubical or cornered off on their own. Dave Ritter (Lead Designer) was very descriptive and helpful with describing the history and process of VSA Partners. It was awesome to see work from multiple different clients that they have all on the wall next to each other.”

Students were able to see current work that VSA was working on, as well as learn about their design process and how it coincides with what is taught at Ferris State. They were also able to see the differences of working in a professional setting verses school.

“Dave also mentioned that the pace we are used to working with in school a project is much different then projects outside of class. A project that took 7 weeks in school could be potentially done in 2-3ish weeks. They have each designer create and propose their own direction or moodboards for each project and they might have 3-4 hours to put it together before they put them all up on the wall and compare them.”

Students were able to get feedback about applying for internships and jobs from VSA Partners during their visit as well. Graphic Design at Ferris consistently gives students the opportunity to network with professionals resulting in high job placement after graduation.

To learn more about VSA Partners visit