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First Annual Graphic Design Studio Excellence Awardees: Amanda Barnes and McKenna McIntyre

May 19, 2016


Amanda Barnes (‘17) and McKenna McIntyre (‘18) were recently recognized for Studio Excellence during the 2015–16 school year. This award is the first of an ongoing initiative by the Graphic Design program at the College of Business to congratulate outstanding students. Studio Excellence Awardees demonstrate creative problem solving through the use of a solid process, work well in teams, and exhibit professionalism and a positive attitude in the studio.

To celebrate their accomplishments, the students were treated to a day at Herman Miller. In addition to touring the headquarters and archive, they had the opportunity to chat with art directors, creative directors, and designers of the global brand for print and digital. This included a lunch with well-known designer, Stephen Frykholm.


Amanda Barnes (pictured left) is a junior in the Graphic Design program who came to study design through her love of photography. She appreciates the variety of career paths and diversity of disciplines the design world has to offer. This summer Barnes will be building up her skills at her internship with the BISSELL Pet Foundation.

Alison Popp, an associate professor for the program, says this of Barnes: “I truly enjoy Amanda in class. She consistently demonstrates solid work and and an excellent attitude. I look forward to having her in the Senior studio this Fall semester.”

When asked about her goals as a designer, Barnes says: “In the future, I would love to be a User Experience Designer for a company or design firm in a city such as, Chicago or New York. I love the city life and all of the opportunities they hold, as well as their easy access to inspiration. Large cities also have a competitive atmosphere and I am always up for a challenge.”

McKenna McIntyre (pictured right) is a sophomore in the Graphic Design program with a minor in art history. She is involved in AIGA and is the co-founder of the Ukulele Club on campus. This summer McIntyre will be studying abroad in Europe and also working as a print and web design intern at Our Daily Bread Ministries.

Assistant professor Tim Powers says “McKenna McIntyre is open to exploring new applications for her growing talents and interests in design. She not only has a natural ability, she invests in cultivating it through thoughtful and diligent work. This defines excellence in a student in any discipline.”

McIntyre says this about her goals as a designer: “While I’m still exploring many areas of this field, I’ve found interactive design to be one of the most rewarding and interesting. I see myself working in small studios at first, where I’ll be able to take on a lot of areas of the project, and eventually moving up to a larger company—maybe even Herman Miller!”