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IEEEEXTREME 14.0 24 Hour Programming Competition

October 30, 2020


Over the weekend (Friday-Saturday), DMSE students Vince Andrea, Anthony Scott and Chris Huizenga were involved in IEEEXTREME 14.0 which is a 24 hour programming competition for students from universities around the world. The team ended up solving 9 programming problems and achieved a top 20% world-wide position.  

The competition had around 4000 teams and a lot of these teams train year-round for this day. Last time Ferris participated in the event was in 2018, and that team achieved top 25%. 

Most importantly, it was a fun and educational experience for the students, who worked until the last minute. Throughout the course of the event, two students had to go to work and everybody went to bed for a few hours, but they used the rest of the day.

The Zoom meeting lasted for a full 24 hours, and the program aims to hold a local version of the competition at some point in the future.


Computer Information Systems, Computer Information Technology