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Independent Showcase

February 6, 2013


The Independent Showcase is a mini concert series that was held at the Rankin Art Gallery. Featured artists were Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose, and The Icarus Account.

Each of the artists performed on separate nights in February and March. The shows were well attended by students and community members. Q & A sessions were held after each performance. The artists talked about touring, releasing music, stories from the road, and what they’ve been through as independent artists.

The Independent Showcase would not have been possible without Coordinator Tori Thomas. After setting up a show on campus with Carpenter last year, she came up with the idea for this event. She enjoyed booking and wanted to bring more independent artists to Ferris.

“There are a lot of independent artists in the music industry today, and I wanted to show students that an independent artist can make it in the industry and for the students to hear the stories of the artists,” said Thomas.

All of the artists enjoyed the event and are interested in returning to Ferris. Thomas would like to see this become an annual event. After Thomas graduates in 2014, Olivia Odette will take over the event.

“I’m still in the process of finding the perfect spot to put on the Independent Showcase. I would love to bring in bands, but with space available it may not be possible. Next year’s Independent Showcase will feature artists who have a story behind them and various genres,” said Thomas.

Thomas was happy with the outcome of the event and hopes that more students will come out to the next Independent Showcase in the spring of 2014!


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