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Information Security and Intelligence Program Highlights for 2016

December 13, 2016


The Information Security and Intelligence (ISI) program here at Ferris State University has made some huge strides this year. From collaborating with a top mobile forensic company to attending conferences throughout the Fall semester, ISI students are experiencing these program highlights.

In the spring semester, this College of Business program partnered with a leading manufacturer of mobile device forensics equipment. Cellebrite Forensics, a company based in Israel, has provided an Ultimate UFED, or universal forensic extraction device, to extract information from personal computers, and other equipment including cabling kits, according to ISI instructor Jason Otting. Read the full article regarding the details of this partnership between Cellebrite Forensics and the ISI program in the 2016 News Archives of Ferris State University.

Recently, a group of approximately 25 Ferris State Information Security and Intelligence students and faculty attended GrrCon, an information security and hacking conference in Grand Rapids, MI. Students and faculty attended presentations, participated in workshops, competed in cyber capture the flag competitions, and networked with industry professionals.

For more information about the Information Security and Intelligence program here at Ferris State University, check out the ISI program page or contact Gerald Emerick.


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