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ISI Haunted Virtual CTF Event

November 11, 2020


For 36 student participants, 3 ISI Faculty, and 3 guests, the ISI Haunted CTF Event was an opportunity to have fun, work as a team, and apply some of the skills they are learning in class. Throughout the course of the event, teams worked to solve 85 challenges, in such categories as Cryptography, Network Packet Analysis, Password Cracking, Log Analysis, Wireless, and Forensics.

Some teams showed up in costume, and guests even showed up to provide game time analysis and general entertainment.

In the end, 12 prizes were awarded, including raffle prizes and those that went to the top three finishing teams:

1st Place:
Trey Levan
John Harman

2nd Place:
Mike McKenzie
Jacob Taylor

3rd Place:
Jessica Jowett
Lauren Lotzlow

In the 75 minutes that the competition ran for, 811 challenges were solved. A huge congratulations to everyone who participated!