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Legal Studies Alum Combines Her Two Passions: Law and Music

April 25, 2012


Jaimee Mackey is from Wellston, Michigan, a tiny town northwest of Big Rapids. After getting a Bachelors degree in Music Industry Management and an Associates degree in Legal Studies, she now lives in a big city where she combines both degrees into a career fit for both of her degrees.

Jaimee has always wanted to be an attorney, but when she got into high school, she realized she didn’t want to go to school for that long. Instead, she focused her career in the music industry and came to Ferris State University. After her adviser encouraged her to get an additional degree in Legal Studies, it drove Jaimee in the direction that would combine the two.

Two years ago, Jaimee had an internship at Country Music Television in Nashville and knew she wanted to work in that area after graduation. After graduation, CMT was downsizing and no positions were open for what she was looking for. Jaimee then found a job at McKenzie Jackson, a small law firm in Nashville that specializes in litigation. The firm also does a lot of work in the entertainment industry.

“It’s a great place for me because I get to use both of my degrees, so that’s really cool,” said Jaimee. “It also works out because I like working for a smaller, less corporate place. I realize now that I don’t want to work for a large place like CMT.”

At McKenzie Jackson, Jaimee does a variety of different things as a legal assistant such as conduct research, draft documents, go to court if extra notes need to be taken, and do anything that the two attorneys in the office may need.

“The Legal Studies program really prepared me and my classmates for work,” said Jaimee. “I would suggest to all students to really pay attention and not just do your homework and work to get it done. Take it seriously because once you get into the real world, you’ll really be able to apply it.”

Jaimee hopes to eventually go to law school in the Nashville area once she pays off her student loans. She plans on continuing working with McKenzie Jackson during and upon completion of a law degree.


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