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Legal Studies Students Visit Michigan Hall of Justice

October 16, 2019










On October 2, 2019 legal studies students and members of Phi Alpha Delta toured the Michigan Hall of Justice and observed oral arguments before the Michigan Supreme Court. The visit to the Michigan Supreme Court provided students a front row seat to observe our legal system in action. Prior to attending, students reviewed appellate briefs submitted by the parties, applicable court rules, and relevant law. Students observed oral arguments before the highest court in the state and de-briefed with a prominent appellate attorney who argued the case. Through this unique opportunity, students experienced the importance of the judiciary in our American Legal System.

The Legal Studies minor is an excellent complement to any Bachelor’s degree. Students gain a working knowledge of the court system, an understanding of a wide variety of substantive law topics, and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to identify and address legal issues that arise in their personal and professional lives.

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