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Marketing Professor Clay Dedeaux Interviews with 9 & 10 News

February 12, 2021


On Monday, Ferris State University College of Business professor Dr. Clay Dedeaux met with 9 & 10 News for an interview regarding this year’s Super Bowl advertisements. Dedeaux went on air to describe the overall trend of the advertising, saying that “people look forward to the commercials, maybe even more so than the game.”

In the segment, Dedeaux acknowledges that this year was very different because of COVID-19, which had a profound effect on the message companies wanted to convey. He cited M&M specifically as a brand that rose to the occasion: “they did a nice job of acknowledging what we’re in, but giving us a way forward.”

This interview took place just one day after the Super Bowl—and three days after he met with the 9 & 10 News staff to discuss his expectations for the advertisements. To read more about Dedeaux’s accurate TV commercial predictions, check out the two segments at the links below.