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Music Biz Conference Offers Career Insight

June 4, 2015


Music Industry Management (MIM) student Katarina Cody attended a music industry conference in Nashville, Tennessee. A junior, she was motivated by the experience to excel in her pre-professional career at Ferris and to prepare for life after college.

Cody was among several MIM students who attended the three-day Music Biz conference. “The purpose of the conference was to network and expand my knowledge of the music industry,” she says.

She attended the conference to network with established professionals in the industry, to gain insight on internship opportunities, and to evaluate what segment of the industry would best fit her needs and wants.

“I learned a lot about the different aspects of the music industry, but I also learned how to act at a conference.” Cody says.“I think that learning how to act and how to present yourself at a conference while you are still young is the most valuable thing you can do.”

Cody credits her advisors with providing opportunities for her in the MIM program: “I have been given the opportunity to grow and learn about the music industry thanks to my amazing advisors. I am so thankful for Daniel Cronk and Lori Armstrong, who have helped create an amazing and unique educational environment that prepares students for whatever challenges they may face in the real world.”


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