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Music Industry Management Student among Outstanding Graduates

June 11, 2015


Each year, President Eisler sits down with a select number of students from the graduating class to learn about their life experiences. These Outstanding Graduates have excelled academically and overcome tremendous challenges to earn their degrees. Dai-Zhanie Plummer of the Music Industry Management (MIM) program was featured on the University website as an Outstanding Graduate of the Class of 2015 for the College of Business.

Dai-Zhanie believes in setting goals without limitations. As a sophomore, she was the studio manager for Bulldog Radio. Then, in her senior year she served as the studio manager for the MIM Recording Laboratory, the first woman to do so. In this role she taught other MIM students how to use the industry-standard equipment and software available in the lab.

Post-graduation, Dai-Zhanie has chosen to pursue a career in the recording industry, a predominately male field.


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