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Graphic Design Class of 2019 Shares Portfolios

May 3, 2019


Seniors in the Graphic Design program shared their portfolios with industry professionals, friends, and family on April 25, 2019.

The event, held at the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, allowed the soon-to-be graduates to show off what they built during their time at the Ferris Design Project Center, celebrate their achievements, hear feedback, network, and even receive job offers.

“Many guests expressed interest in hiring,” said Associate Professor Alison Popp. “Every year we have students get job leads directly from our portfolio events.”

Students offered professional résumés and handed out professionally produced business cards. Their portfolios were available online and printed. Online portfolios can still be located at each student’s design website:

Each year, students from the senior class produce a theme and branded campaign for the annual Portfolio Review events using a diverse range of materials: email campaigns, website, printed invitations, environmentals, and more. The theme for this year built on an earlier Critique event the program held in February 2019 where students asked professionals to see what they built and requested more feedback and advice for building.

According to the Graphic Design program, this year’s event was such a success that they are preparing to make logistical changes for next year that will further serve to connect students and professionals.


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