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Professor and Graduate Publish on Maximizing Data Recovery

October 29, 2014


Ferris professor of Information Security and Intelligence (ISI) Dr. Greg Gogolin, ISI graduate Derek Browers, and George Mason professor Dr. James Jones were recently published in Quality Magazine. The article is titled “Maximizing Data Recovery: Utilizing 3-D Digital Laser Microscopy to Image Damaged Optical Media.”

“While we haven’t solved all of the challenges necessary for efficient data recovery from damaged optical media, we have moved forward in terms of refining what is possible,” Gogolin said.

The article describes situations in which stored digital information is highly valued but its media storage had been damaged. With help from the National Science Foundation, the team was able to use an Olympus LEXT OLS4000 to measure patterns of data to verify whether the data is still intact.
Gogolin, Brower, and Jones manually decoded data for this research project, but said current efforts to create a computer program will do this automatically.

The article notes that learning about information security and digital forensics has two very different aspects: recovering information and data thought to be gone forever, and making data unrecoverable. Forensic techniques for both data recovery and destruction were improved through this project.


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