Program Facilities

Students have access to a variety of classrooms and computer labs including a mix of traditional classrooms, team-based classrooms and Macintosh and PC labs. Students are exposed to many operating systems including, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

The program has license agreements with many vendors to allow students to obtain many software titles for use on their home computer at not cost to the student. This includes agreements with Microsoft, VMware, and others.

There are many software titles available for use in the computer labs which include MS-Office, Visual Studio, Java,, DB2, Oracle, SQL, e-mail, Internet and campus portals. Over thirty-five software titles are available. Dell Computer Corporation is the campus standard for Ferris computer technology.

Network Infrastructure
The network infrastructure provides both wired and wireless with up to 1000Mb (1 GB) Ethernet connectivity to the desktop and an Gigabit fiber optic backbone to the Ferris campus.

Hardware/Virtual Computers/Cloud
Students will be exposed to many different types of hardware both in and out of the classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to create virtual computers both on campus and in our hosted cloud solution.  There is also additional hardware and software available for students to work on special projects if they have an interest to research technology not taught in their classes.