Why CIS at Ferris

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at Ferris State University is located in a College of Business which means that not only do students take courses related to their major, they take business courses.  This gives the CIS students a good understanding of the business world in which they will work. 

Students enrolled in the CIS program at Ferris State University are visionaries. They have learned to visualize abstract concepts and, using the latest technology, have developed information systems helping power real-world business. Ferris State University CIS students also have these skills:

  • The ability to understand logic
  • A commitment to ethical professional standards
  • An ability to work well with others
  • Business-world experience through internships and other opportunities

Because all jobs require graduates to work not only with computers but also with people, Ferris State CIS students develop both technical and non-technical “people” skills. Their ability to talk comfortably with customers and help them develop solutions to business problems sets Ferris State CIS graduates apart from their competitors.

The Computer Information Systems program at Ferris continuously brings new technology to students with the most recent including using virtual machines both on campus and via a private hosted cloud solution.  Our students have access to many sofware titles through agreements with various software vendors.