Program Mission


We in the College of Business are committed to academic excellence, ethical conduct, and a learner-centered environment characterized by quality teaching, outcomes assessment, and continuous improvement. Our students can take pride in their developed competencies and the distinctiveness of the College’s programs. We shall be noted for being responsive to changes in workforce needs; building/maintaining good relationships with employers and community; preparing our students to excel in a global environment; and providing high-quality interns and graduates who meet and exceed employer expectations, deal effectively with change, and are committed to lifelong learning.

The Graduate Program’s Core Beliefs

About the College of Business Graduate Program’s Organizational Philosophy

Successful organizations of the future will practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Successful organizations want to hire graduates who have been exposed to the most current information technologies thinking and practice. Successful organizations routinely utilize teams for problem-solving and decision-making.
Successful organizations listen to their customers; our students are our primary customers.

About the Learning Environment

Value is added when a globally diverse student body interacts in the learning environment. By utilizing a variety of instructional modalities, learning will improve for all students. Faculty members in the program embrace a learner-centered approach to education, facilitated by technology to assist in spanning time and space.
A stimulating graduate experience creates a life-long quest for learning in each student. The physical and electronic learning communities modeled by this program will be replicated by program graduates in organizations throughout the world. The curriculum is flexible and designed to reflect rapidly changing business practices.

About Graduate Program Faculty

Program faculty members continually update their
skills to remain current in the practice of organizational philosophies and information technologies, that the program reflects. Program faculty members routinely utilize teams, collaborative learning practices and strive for continuous improvement in the teaching/learning process. Program faculty members work as a team, exhibit a passion for their program, share an enthusiasm and joy for teaching and learning, and are committed to serving their students.

The Graduate Program Vision

The College of Business will be distinctive for its provision of highly regarded career-oriented business education, adding value to our students through innovative teaching and learning processes, ensuring that they are well-prepared to make immediate contributions to their employers and society upon graduation. Our graduates will be sought because their competencies are of high quality and are consistent with current and future workplace needs.

Faculty in the CBGP program has a shared vision of what the program should be and can become and practice the program’s core beliefs.

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