Featured Internship: Kayla Garrett

Location of internship, brief job description, and any special recognitions:

Merchandise Intern at Drum Corps International in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As a merchandise intern, you were in charge of inventory, truck loading/unloading, sales, setup/tear down, and providing exceptional customer service at all events. We were expected to provide the best experience we possibly could for our guests and participants while helping out in other areas as needed.

How you related this internship to one of the FSU core values:

One value I can relate my internship to is Diversity.  Throughout the course of my internship, I got to interact with a very diverse background of people in many different walks of life. We got to see all these people interact with each other while sharing a similar love of the arts, drum corps, and music as a whole. Watching all these people interact and seeing them not have a care in the world while they were at our events was truly something that will forever make me smile.

Volunteer, Campus Involvement, and/or something special about you:

I participate in Ferris State’s Theatre program each year I am able to. I have been in 23 theatre productions since my freshman year of high school, and I am auditioning for my 24th.

Future plans:

I may be pursuing a masters in Student Affairs and higher Education or going straight into the hospitality industry working with sporting events.

Advice for other students:

Be Fearless. When you find a goal, don’t stop until you achieve it. Minor things may try to derail you from the process, but shrug it off and keep going. You will get where you need to be in time. You’ve got a wonderful support system behind you in the form of friends, faculty, and family.