Looking for a rewarding career?

Want to make a difference? Get paid for helping others when they have a disaster.

Want stability in your career? Insurance companies still hire during economic downturns.

Consider a career in the risk management and insurance industry…

…you can’t drive a car or get a loan without insurance… businesses can’t operate without insurance… many people and their families would suffer greatly without insurance.

Do you…

Career to consider…

What you will do…

What you will earn*

Enjoy math?


Analyze statistics, calculate rates


Want to run your own business?


Sell and service insurance

$47,900 (six-figure commission potential)

Like to investigate? Like to help people?

Claims Adjuster

Investigate accidents, pay claims


Enjoy puzzles, analysis, making decisions, and being creative?


Decide who to insure, and at what terms and prices


Enjoy working in the field helping people avert disaster?

Loss Control Rep

Inspect and advise people how to prevent losses from occurring


Like to ponder “what if” situations and prepare for them?

Risk Manager/Analyst

Identify risk exposures, implement programs to control or finance risks


  • CNN Money identified Risk Management Director as the “second best job in America” based on pay, growth, personal satisfaction, and benefit to society.
  • Entry level salaries above can grow with experience. Claims Adjusters, Loss Control Reps earnings can rise into the $60,000s; Underwriting managers and directors can earn up to $150,000; Risk Managers rise into the $100,000s, and Agents owning their own business may eventually sell their agency business for seven-figures.
  • Bureau of Labor and Statistics, September 2016: 2.58 MILLION people employed in the U.S. insurance industry alone. The insurance industry added 105,000 jobs between 2011 and 2017, and BLS projects another 167,000 jobs by 2026.
  • Work for some great companies that will value your contribution.
  • The risk and insurance industry must replace 400,000 retiring baby boomers by 2020.

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*Source: Salary.com, median entry-level salaries excluding bonuses and benefits.