Digital Marketing/ E – Commerce

If you have a strong interest in Internet – based marketing activities, you will find that digital marketing/ e-commerce is the newest innovative marketing technique used by businesses today.

Skills you will learn are:

  • Multi – channel marketing – integrating online and offline marketing with profitable results.
  • Selling online, and saving money and time for your company and customers.
  • Managing databases in a digital world.
  • Mastering best practices in both business – to – customer and business-to-business E – commerce marketing.
  • Creation and execution of Internet marketing/ advertising and social media pans and campaigns.

Required Classes (Prerequisites are in parenthesis)

  • ECOM 375; Business to Business E – Commerce Marketing; (MKTG 321)
  • ECOM 383; Business to Consumer E – Commerce Marketing; (MKTG 321)
  • MKTG 383; Direct Marketing (AIMC 300 and MKTG 321)

Choose one of the following:

  • AIMC 375; Business to Business Advertising/ IMC (AIMC 300 and junior status)
  • GRDE 224; Web Design & Planning

The minimum amount of credits earned for a bachelor’s degree is 120 – 121 credit hours.

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