Program Mission and Goals

The MBA program’s mission statement is an extension of Ferris State University’s and the College of Business’ mission statements. It embodies the equivalent over-arching goals and value propositions that Ferris has embraced to shape its unique and key higher education success factors.


The MBA Mission statement identifies with several key linkages to both the University and College of Business’ mission statements and acts to carry these mission statements further by providing a curriculum generating several levels of leadership development and cross functional relationships with industry.

  • The MBA mission is to produce candidates prepared to solve management level problems in business and have a vision and understanding of the roles of leadership. This links itself to both the University’s and the College of Business mission to prepare students with academic excellence and quality teaching.
  • The MBA mission is to provide candidates with a vision of ethical management and leadership and commitment to social responsibility. This mission speaks directly to the University’s mission of responsible citizenship and the College of Business’ mission for ethical conduct.
  • The MBA mission to embed a foundation of support and access to industry, both domestic and global, is linked to the University’s mission to create partnerships, be career oriented, broad based, and to serve the domestic and global markets. It links to the College of Business’ mission of staying responsive to changes in workforce needs, building and maintaining good relationships with employers and communities, both local and global.
  • A steering committee exists to ensure the program successfully achieves its mission and goals.
  • The MBA program is a faculty-based program that requires voting consensus from a faculty-populated committee.
  • The MBA program is governed by a set of bylaws and procedures, which are consistent with all Ferris programs.