Alumni & Industry Testimonials


David Bone

Class of 1994

Owner, United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA)

“Attending the PTM program at Ferris State University was the single greatest decision I made in my career. Before I heard about the program, I was a full-time teaching pro in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a decent reputation among the local clubs, but had no great prospects for becoming a manager and moving off the court. After going through the program and making connections with speakers and other students, I came out with opportunities in tennis, on and off the court, across the country and even around the world. In fact, it was while I was in the program that I met the owner of the USRSA. I spent the first few years after I graduated working at tennis clubs in New York, California, and Illinois. Then, that connection I made with the owner of the USRSA paid off when she offered me a position as Associate Director of the Association. Thanks to the business skills I learned at Ferris, I was quickly promoted to Executive Director and eventually bought the business. I can’t think of anything better that someone could do if they are interested in pursuing a career in tennis. One thing I think is often underestimated is the value of the relationships you get to form with the other students in the program. The program is a lot like a Fraternity/Sorority of students who all share a passion for Tennis. This makes your time at school a ton of fun and it massively grows your network of industry contacts after you graduate.”

Kevin Wickham

Class of 2013

Midwest Technical Representative, Wilson Sporting Goods

“PTM is one of the only programs in the country that truly allows a student to follow their passion of tennis while promising a successful career straight out of college. There is currently a decline in the amount of quality teaching professionals in our industry. Clubs and other organizations are desperate to get decent staff as soon as possible. PTM provides a solid degree in Marketing while helping you be specialized in your on court abilities through classes and internships.”                                            

Connor Hunt

Class of 2016

Head Professional, Franco’s Health Club and Spa

Mandeville, Louisiana

“I can honestly say that PTM was one of the better decisions I have ever made. Not only was my college experience one that was unforgettable, but it set me up for success in life. It allowed me to make life-long friends in college and hold internships where I had amazing experiences all over the country. After college though is where my degree truly started to shine. It has allowed me a fantastic job doing what I love and working for people who share my passion. It may be a cliche, but the saying “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” couldn’t be more true.”

Scott Enge

2-time USPTA National Tennis Coach of the Year

Olathe, Kansas

“The Ferris State PTM program is the first and most successful tennis management program in the United States. It has graduated more career tennis pros, directors of tennis and tennis industry employees than any other school in the country. It is so highly respected in the tennis industry that it is endorsed by the USTA and the USPTA and was the only school I had my son consider for a PTM degree. My son attended Ferris State and played on the team for several years. His experience here helped him achieve the Director of Tennis position at the MVP club in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the age of 28. I have also hired interns from FSU’s PTM program and have been very pleased with the people from the program. The PTM program teaches you all aspects of the tennis industry and allows you to use the business degree to have a variety of career possibilities. You should be a proud member of Professional Tennis Management program at Ferris State as it is the most elite degree of it’s kind in the US.”


Kostyantyn Khodirev

Class of 2012

Director of Tennis, Wintergreen Resort

Wintergreen, Virginia

“The PTM Program at Ferris State University opens doors within the tennis industry. The education is great; classes cover all aspects of running an elite facility. By far the most invaluable part of the program is the networking – – this gives students a massive head start in their tennis careers.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Steve Keller

Senior Manager, USTA-U

Orlando, Florida

“The PTM program at Ferris State University is a terrific pathway to gaining quality education and a competitive employment advantage in the tennis industry. I have had the pleasure and privilege of coming to Ferris State for many years in multiple capacities and am always impressed with the commitment to quality with the program. If you are interested in making a career in the tennis industry, this is the place where you want to be.”