PTM Student of the Month

Every month, the Ferris State University Professional Tennis Management (PTM) program will feature a Student of the Month. We want to highlight our exceptional students who are excelling both in the classroom and on the tennis court.

This month’s featured student is Brandon Day. Brandon is a junior in the PTM program from Allegan, Michigan and is the President of the PTM Student Association (PTMSA). Recently, Brandon was named the 2020 Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Michigan Pro of the Year. Congratulations Brandon on being named PTM Student of the Month!

PTM: Tell us about your tennis background. How long have you been playing tennis?  Who inspired you to play?

Brandon Day: I have been playing since I was a kid in about 5th-6th grade. I was inspired to play because we had a large summer camp in my hometown, and it was a lot of fun. My older sister Blake inspired me to play because she really excelled as a three-time first team all-state selection as well as being a two-time state runner up. When I was in high school my team placed top 10 at the division three state championships, where I played 1&2 singles. I think the best part of playing high school tennis in Michigan is that it is a team format and having that family to compete with against some of the best teams in the state will be with me forever.

PTM: Why did you choose the PTM program at Ferris State University?

BD: I chose Ferris State because I went to a summer camp with the freshman class PTMers as advisors. I really liked the people and what they had to say about the program and once I talked to Derek, I knew I want to come to Ferris. My favorite part about being in the program is all of the unique people you make friends with. Every single student enjoys a different part of the industry or enjoys a different avenue than you might, and it really helps build your network in many different directions.

PTM: How many internships have you been on? What has been the best experience you had while on internship?

BD: I have been on two internships. The first was at Quechee Club in Quechee, Vermont. My second was at Baltimore Country Club. I think my best experience I’ve had had been learning from Jarrett Chirico at Baltimore because he has given me so much and helped me grow not only my skills but my network as well. I have more contacts in the industry than I ever though was possible as only a junior in the program. Jarrett has helped me understand the many “why” questions I asked this summer. He helped me understand that growing a successful club is simple when you choose people over money, if you can implement programs that get people excited and, on the court, that is when you will make money, and not by overcharging. Jarrett took a hands-on approach by helping me start a LinkedIn profile where I have since connected with another great mentor in Dan Santorum. Jarrett helped me the most by guiding me in the right direction and making me work hard for the things I wanted. He has always been there to help guide me, but at the same time he lets me make my own mistakes and learn by doing. I have learned how to professionally email and reach out to superstars in the industry to get tips and tricks what I never would have had the confidence to do without the experience I got this summer.

PTM: Besides the PTM program, what else do you enjoy about Ferris State University/Big Rapids?

BD: I enjoy the class sizes. They are large enough that you always get to meet new people, but small enough that the professors know your face and name and really care about each one of their students. Big rapids offers the chance to be a familiar face to your classmates, peers, and faculty. Big Rapids may not be in a large city, but it offers a perfect river for the PTM tubing trip, hikes, bike rides, and by favorite riding my moped with Blake Helminiak.

PTM: What are your career aspirations after graduating from PTM?

BD: I want to be a director at a top 50 platinum country club on the east coast or Florida. I feel that they have the biggest challenges and biggest clubs. I want to be managing other professionals that have the drive and skills to be directors. I think that my outgoing personality as well as the experience teaching in country clubs will help me obtain this position. I think my political correctness when dealing with boards and committees and my ability to create programming will also help me in the future as I pursue my career goal. Another career goal I have is to be a national speaker at tennis conferences and country club conferences. I want to share my experiences and try to make racquet sports the best they can be. I want to be established and respected to where I can share my opinions with other professionals that are growing these sports. I believe that if you don’t shoot for the stars and step up before somebody is needed, somebody else will take that speech or position and you may never get your shot.

PTM: If someone is interested in having a career in tennis, why should they consider Ferris State’s PTM program?

BD: Ferris State gives you the chance to grow and use the platform that PTM gives you to succeed. Ferris has the best chances to meet the biggest directors and the best fit for whatever tennis needs you have. If it’s on court or off court Ferris State has an alumni doing or that has done that job that is willing to give you guidance and support.

Be sure to check back in to see the next PTM Student of the Month!