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Public Relations Seniors Complete Presentations and Analysis of 59 Case Studies

December 14, 2017


The seniors in the Public Relations program flash a smile of relief after completing presentations and analysis of 59 case studies in Dr. Bishop’s 400-level class.

As part of the Public Relations Strategy (PREL 440) course, the seniors in the Ferris State Public Relations (PR) program completed presentations and analysis of 59 public relations cases during the Fall 2017 semester.

“Covering the details of nearly 60 cases provides students a strategic overview of the power of reputation, public opinion, and having the right priorities,” said Dr. Patrick Bishop, who taught the course.

For the analysis portion of the assignment, students applied sound PR practices to real-world examples of problems, challenges, and opportunities. Then, they had 14–17 minutes to explain the main points of their case in an interactive and engaging way. During each presentation, students sought to create a paradigm shift—or a change of thinking—through skits, activities, demonstrations, games, and discussions.

“Analyzing and presenting cases this semester prepared me to use public relations to handle problems, challenges, and opportunities,” said PR senior Alysha West. “I now have an arsenal of public relations strategies and tactics to apply to my career, as well as the wherewithal to come up with new strategies and tactics of my own.”

The first 55 cases covered topic such as: employee relations, sports, entertainment, media relations, investor relations, public affairs, consumer relations, consumer crisis, crisis communication, and nonprofit communication. Some cases included: “1972 Nixon Secret Tapes Leads to Impeachment,” “2013 SeaWorld’s Black Eye with Blackfish,” and “2017 Harvey’s Unwanted Visit to Houston.” For the final four cases, students conducted their own survey-based research and created a four-step public relations plan for an organization of their choice.

From left to right: Dr. Patrick Bishop, Michael Dukes, Christian Hoffer,
Kayla Rosman, Drew Myers, Brooke Bewak, Alysha West, Drue Thornton,
Kelsey George, Jessica Brown, and Savannah McCalpin.

The College of Business at Ferris State University provides career-oriented education, responding for over 100 years to the changing needs of the business world. The curriculum prepares graduates to deal with real issues as members and leaders of tomorrow’s workforce. Their Bachelor of Science in Public Relations program is one of two in the nation to offer public relations as a business degree, and it’s one of two PR programs in Michigan certified by the national Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).


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