In New York City: Abigail Smiths Internship Experience

It was an incredible experience that felt like a dream ... a healthy company culture is extremely important.

Abigail Smith, Ferris State University senior in Business Administration, interned at charity: water while taking classes online and living in New York City, New York.

Being an online student meant that Smith had flexibility for where and when her internship happened. After finding an internship that interested her, she packed up and moved to New York City for a new experience. Smith said that without her advisor helping her take all online classes, she wouldn’t have been able to intern New York City during the semester.

Smith works with the production team at charity: water, so her tasks vary day to day. Some of her tasks include attending meetings, organizing data, research projects, and working with the virtual reality storytelling. One of her most noteworthy memories during her internship was being part of the team that set up and attend the staff summit.

“It was an incredible experience that felt like a dream. This was significant to me because the day was meant for our staff to have time to grow in relationship with each other and celebrate one another,” Smith said. “I think we really achieved that; a healthy company culture is extremely important.

Smith’s most memorable day at her internship started with buying a suitcase. During one of her first few days at her internship she had to go buy a suitcase to ship some of their founder’s books overseas to London. “I remember walking through the city, suitcase in hand and sun shining brightly, Smith said. “It was an awesome moment because it finally hit me that I really had gotten an internship at one of my dream organizations.”

Taking a leap and going for an opportunity that might seem a little scary is one of the biggest lessons Smith has learned. Finding a company that fosters growth and promotes asking questions is the best way for an intern to learn and find their way in the business world. Smith said that she was intimidated at fist to be working with so many excellent people, but once they encouraged her to remember that everyone starts somewhere, she knew she had chosen the right organization.

Smiths’ advice for students looking for internships is to find somewhere that excites you. They are a great way to get out of the classroom and apply the knowledge you have learned.