AdGroup President Jessica Avery Interns in Chicago

This summer, AIMC major and AdGroup president, Jessica Avery is interning in Chicago at the Monogram Group.

Avery’s role falls under a catchall “Summer Intern” title where she is able to assist with all types of projects. She is able to experience something new everyday working on tasks such as creating content for the company’s Wikipedia page, assisting with preparation for the weekly podcasts, and researching for new business presentations along with writing blog posts for the company website.

“I would have to say my favorite part to this point is on Fridays at 4:00 p.m. or as we call it ‘Beer O’clock.’ Someone runs down to the convenience store and picks up 2 six packs of specialty beer and 2 salty snacks for the agency and we all just hang out and bond as an agency. It makes you connect on a more personal level with the people you work with and just lets you relax,” said Avery.

The Monogram Group is an a brand experience agency that works with companies to build and define their brand when entering a new market or repositioning. Avery believes that her hard work in the College of Business has helped her prepare for this internship.

“The classes gave me a good base of skills to build on when I get out into the workforce. Looking passed that though I think it was my professors that taught my classes and being apart of the AdGroup that also prepared me for this internship. Having professors that have been in the business for years and sharing what exactly to expect and how the information they are giving you in classes is going to help you in the business is a huge advantage”