Cailey Pawluk, Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communications

AIMC Student Interns in Downtown Detroit

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications student Cailey Pawluk conducted her intership at dPOP!, a sister company of Quicken Loans that specializes in office and facility design . Cailey worked at dPOP! HQ in downtown Detroit. Her job responsibilities included: branding, page layouts, graphics, signage, maintaining several projects at once and last minute projects. During her internship Cailey also had to give and receive constructive criticism, generate files for preparation, and conduct her own project.

dPOP! is one of the best internships to have while you are young and in college. dPOP! likes to make it fun and easygoing for all workers.” Cailey said.

Every intern was treated like a worker  an intern, and the CEO and bosses didn’t go by their job titles, but by fun, made-up names. The leaders and other workers pushed for leadership and for the interns to expand into the other departments within the dPOP! company. dPOP! has several building locations, and each is designed in a unique way.

Being in downtown Detroit, the company tries to be involved with the community as much as possible. dPOP! workers and interns are all involved with volunteer work. One of the volunteer projects was the Blight Project.

“The Blight Project tries to remove all structures that are blighted (abandoned and falling apart) in Detroit,” Cailey stated.

Quicken Loans’ motto in downtown Detroit is “a place to work, live and play.”

Cailey said the internship with dPOP! helped prepare her for her future career. Gaining and working for clients allowed her to practice for the “real world”. Her favorite part of the internship was being in downtown Detroit and getting to learn different things that relate to her major.
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