The More You Know: A’nya Amos’s Marketing Internship at Artworks

I was led here for a reason and now that I’m here I appreciate it so much more.

Ferris State University Marketing senior A’nya Amos spent the summer of 2019 gaining the confidence she needed to graduate in December of 2019 and enter the workforce.

As the marketing intern at Artworks in Big Rapids, MI it was her responsibility to network, engage the community, and build relationships online and in person. One of her responsibilities was to manage the Artworks social media. She created posts and found the best ways to deliver them to the public. During her internship, Amos discovered that social media is something she is good at and enjoys doing.

“I was just doing general marketing and I didn’t know exactly which part of it I wanted to be into,” Amos said. “I knew I wanted to figure out how to put the word out and actually get the message out to people. Now I’m learning that I like the social media aspect of it and the content creation.”

Amos’s interest in art greatly affected her experience at Artworks. She had an appreciation for what the organization stood for and was inspired to make her social media posts reflect their passion for art and community.

Amos had many moments that she remembers fondly of her time at Artworks. One in particular is the 21st annual Celebrity Harness Race on July 10, 2019. During the event, she was able to meet previous Artworks board members as well as previous Executive Directors and get a better understanding of how Artworks affects the Big rapids community in a positive way.

Amos waited until her senior year to begin looking for an internship and would advise other students to start looking early because internships are an important aspect of deciding what you would like to do.

“You can learn how to interact with others in the workplace and know how to conduct yourself once you get to a job,” said Amos. “Without this I feel like I’d go into the work world and just be sitting back and not actually interacting with everyone or I wouldn’t know where to start. But now with this I’m able to plan and know how to conduct myself in meetings and talk to the right people.”

Even though Amos knew she should not have waited she loved her experience at Artworks and is confident in her ability to network and build relationships in the future.

Amos said, “I feel like I was led here for a reason and now that I’m here I appreciate it so much more.”

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