Kylee Ackley, a Business Administration student with a minor in Human Resources

Business Administration Student Receives Hands-On Sports Experience

Imagine having the opportunity to manage a component of high profile sporting events. The atmosphere is full of unparalleled excitement and your business abilities help to keep it all run smoothly. For many this is a dream job. For Kylee Ackley this was her summer internship.

Ackley, a Business Administration student with a minor in Human Resources, was on internship with Sodexo this summer. Sodexo is a dining company that has been chosen to manage fine dining and concessions at the athletic venues on the University of Michigan campus.

On internship, Ackley was able to learn the art of multitasking and apply it in the world of sports entertainment and concessions. Each day brought a new set of tasks that needed to be completed to run a successful event.

While on the University of Michigan campus, Ackley fell in love with the upbeat environment of the many sports events. One of her favorite parts of this amazing opportunity was being able to meet all the athletes from each team as she conducted her internship duties.

She encourages students to network with companies and to start looking for an internship as early as possible. Though she was considered young among fellow supervisors at her internship, Ackley hopes to show younger adults that it is possible to enter the professional world at any age.

“It does not matter what age or if you haven’t had a job in that particular field yet, if you go out there and give it a try, the success is well worth the effort,” said Ackley.

Ackley is an active student here at Ferris, not only does she love to go to all the sporting events, she is also a member of both the College of Business Student Delegates and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

In the future, Ackley plans on moving south and continuing her schooling online to complete her MBA. Then, she will move to her dream job—applying her business abilities in the sports or medical field.