Logan England, Business Administration Senior

Business Administration Student Spotlight: Logan England

Find out how you can help and collaborate with businesses and organizations to help others.

Logan England grew up seeing the ins-and-outs of the business world. His father is a business owner, who instilled in him an interest in studying business himself. Today, Logan is an outstanding Business Administration major with a minor in Lean Systems. He will be graduating in December 2015, having completed his degree in 2.5 years. He considers it an honor to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“Like my father, I am intrigued by the notion of looking at the operating policies and environment of a company and seeing where there are strengths or where alterations could be made to increase productivity and efficiency,” Logan says.

When asked why he chose to study at Ferris State University, Logan attributed his decision to the richly resourced campus, the academically rigorous program with its proven track record, and the caring, approachable, experienced professors. He also appreciates that the campus is large enough to offer many options for volunteering and involvement in organizations, while the Business Administration program maintains a “small college feel.” He is pleased to have professors who are dedicated to seeing their students succeed both in and outside of the classroom and who assist students in their searches for meaningful internships and optimal post-graduation job placement.

“The College of Business at Ferris State University has all the best. It has the best faculty with the most expertise, the best advisors and the best coursework that leads to a thorough understanding of the field. It also has the best opportunities for internships and job placement assistance. ”

Logan is a firm believer in Martin Luther King Jr.’s statement that “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” With this in mind, he sees his learned skills as a way to serve others and strives to use the knowledge and strategies he has been taught to initiate service opportunities.

Upon arriving to campus Logan joined the Lutheran Student Fellowship RSO (LCMS-U), a small, student-lead organization with only a handful of members. Over the past two years, he has diligently and successfully put his leadership and organizational skills to use in the LCMS-U, which has seen significant growth. Logan also has partnered with local church officials in organizing a mission trip to New Orleans.

In addition to his on-campus involvement, Logan has served various organizations and is currently working on a business plan with a non-profit food bank. Each of these experiences has helped him strengthen his perspectives on all aspects of the business field.

“I have seen, first hand, how the business world can pull together resources and people to create instant and enormous change in people’s lives and in the community. In the past year at Ferris State University I have volunteered my time at thirteen different events or organizations. The breadth of those experiences taught me what the world of business is all about: providing services to others while trying to produce positive change.”

Logan would like to inspire students who are considering Business Administration to take advantage of all Ferris State University has to offer and to get involved in the world of business and the community as soon as possible. He also suggests asking questions and getting to know advisors and professors.

“Find out how you can help and collaborate with businesses and organizations to help others,” he encourages. “Start getting involved in the world of business as soon as you can. Attend job fairs, networking sessions, and speaking engagements. Be assertive about volunteering and job shadowing those who you respect and whose jobs you find interesting.”

Logan is sincerely grateful to everyone involved in the Business Administration program for the guidance and support they have given him. He thanks them for their helpfulness in individualizing the program and working with him to combine online and onsite classes with internships and other experiences. He feels well prepared to enter the job market and confident in the way his program has equipped him with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to jump into a career he truly loves.

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