Seize New Opportunities: Damon Huotari’s Accountancy Internship at Hungerford Nichols

“If there is the slightest bit of interest in that subject, go for it because it is a short period of time and you can see if you like it.”

For Ferris Accountancy senior Damon Huotari, having an internship focused on tax wasn’t in his future, but when the opportunity arose, he took it.

As an accounting Intern at Hungerford Nichols in Greenville, MI during Spring 2019 Huotari discovered that sometimes what you think you dislike ends up being something you love. Doing taxes may not have been what Huotari envisioned for himself, but he ended up loving what he was doing.  

“I never saw myself doing this before,” said Huotari, a senior in the Accountancy program graduating in May 2019. “So, coming here and learning about tax opened my eyes.”  

Huotari was able to become part of the company culture and collaborate with his co-workers. He realized that everything they do there is collaborative and it’s a skill that everyone needs to have for a company to be successful.

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