Establishing Experience in Accounting at Mercantile Bank

Accountancy student, Travis Brady’s current goal is to offer at all times professional, timely, and accurate administrative assistance. Through his internship with Mercantile Bank, Brady was able to work towards this goal by supporting the commercial loan operations department.

While on internship, Brady did not spend his time making coffee. Instead, Brady was making a difference by participating in the real world activities of a commercial lending operation. Among other tasks, he participated in a project that analyzed tax data to determine the risk associated with certain types of collateral. He was also involved in creating reports that assisted management in assessing risks, a central activity in banking.

Brady credits Paul Kwant, the Internship Coordinator for the College of Business, for helping him through the internship process. Kwant’s assistance with professional development and etiquette helped him learn the networking techniques and job searching skills necessary to be successful.

“Whether you need professional development skills, resume and cover letter critique, networking advice, or professional assessments, the internship office provides knowledge and honest assistance,” said Brady. “Take advantage of all the internship awareness and career fair days.”

Brady has completed a total of three internships. His other experiences include a Management internship in Orlando, Florida and a Tax Accounting internship in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Brady continues to be involved on campus as a member of both the American Marketing Association and the Ferris State University Accounting Association. Brady is also a member of The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) as well as The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

In the future, Brady’s goal is to establish a challenging yet rewarding career with a large financial institution or accounting firm, preferably in the corporate level. Being able to think critically and analytically in an environment that offers problem solving that motivates him to be an outstanding professional.