Ferris Students Make Good Choices

Good Choices is a Ferris State University campaign that has been in existence since 2000. It promotes responsible behaviors and informed decisions to reduce unsafe activities.

The perception is that Ferris students don’t make good choices but the truth is, they do. This misconception creates phantom peer pressure. Students conform to what they believe to be the norm. The goal of Good Choices is to challenge perceptions and show the reality.

Thomas Liszewski, University Counselor and Coordinator, has seen great improvement in student behavior since starting the campaign in 2000. The campaign itself has expanded and is implemented in many ways throughout campus.

Good Choices focuses on six areas – drinking, sex, drugs, smoking, health, and safety. An assessment is conducted every other year to gather information about how many students partake in activities and what their perceptions are about other students and those activities.

“We don’t want people partaking in bad behavior because they think that most other students are,” said Liszewski. “The reality is that they are not.”

Good Choices has expanded in two major areas. These areas are the inclusion of several other health areas beyond substance abuse and the expansion of marketing strategies. Members of the Design Application Class collaborate with Liszewski to continually improve the campaign.

“The Design Application Class produces a fantastic product while gaining real-life experience and improving student behavior,” said Liszewski. “This campaign is designed by students for students.”

The Design Application Class students gain experience in creating and developing products, creating the website, presenting the materials, and following a budget. Their hard work and dedication has impressed Liszewski.

Good Choices materials consist of posters, window clings, buttons, card games, stickers, a tool kit, and many others. New materials are added each year to keep the campaign up to date and interesting.

The materials are not just for individual students. Professors, resident advisers, and hall directors also use campaign materials. It is important that students are not hearing any counter messages.

Good Choices materials can be found in over 153 designated spots on campus. They are often used in presentations and classrooms. You may have noticed them in residence halls and other common areas.

Fore more information about Good Choices, please visit the Counseling Center.