Graphic Design Alumnus, Craig Cockerill, Finds Success After Graduation

Craig Cockerill has found success as a Ferris alumnus at Piazza, a virtual classroom for students and instructors to come together and enhance the learning experience.

Cockerill graduated from the graphic design program in May 2012. He found his position at Piazza through a network connection at an AIGA event in Grand Rapids. He hit it off with a current Piazza team member and moved to Palo Alto, Cali. a few months later to join the team.

Now Cockerill is a User Interface Engineer where he designs, refines, and builds the interfaces for both of the classroom and recruiting product. He is described as the “front-end fanatic” at Piazza.

During his time at Ferris, he found that learning to keep an open mind has helped him succeed in the professional world. This included a broad understanding of the design process and that it exceeds the computer screen or simple piece of paper.

He attributes the greatest skill he learned at Ferris to have an open mind, “Through my professors in the Graphic Design program, I learned that I can have an impact and influence in any part of the design process.”

Cockerill has evolved his position with his skillset involving front-end development. Since he has a strong background in graphic design, he has been able to turn his job into so much more.

Piazza is an online platform for students and instructors can achieve course collaboration. The product uses wiki-style editing, endorsed posts, student-to-student learning, and instructor feedback. The purpose is to connect students, TAs, and professors so that students can receive the help they need to be successful.

Cockerill’s advises current Ferris students with, “Stay hungry. Never quit learning. Remember more than anything else that your education does not stop when you are handed your degree. A degree is a stepping-stone to your goals and never an end.”