Graphic Design Students Bring a Vision to Life

Graphic design students helped a vision become a reality for the new Small Town Studio program at Ferris State University.

Small Town Studio is a program for senior architecture students, which involves working with real life clients and the ability to get hands-on experience. The idea behind this program is to re-energize small towns and communities around the state of Michigan, in order to bring back their vitality and liveliness.

Graphic design students played a major role in helping this program come to life. These students were asked to help Small Town Studio create a brand and discover different ways to market their program to students and area communities. One of there focused projects for this new program was to design a new website for Small Town Studio.

Diane Nagelkirk, program coordinator and associate professor for the School of Built Environment, has worked with graphic design students over the years on different projects.

“I always find it fun working with these students. They’re very professional and very receptive to listening to what our needs are,” said Nagelkirk.

“I think they play a very good role in terms of listening to what we need and providing the options and path of where we want to go.”

Face it; big department stores are beginning to consume small towns. They’re taking away their vitality and hurting the local economies. The purpose of Small Town Studio is to build communication between these small towns and the students and to help those students become involved with area communities.

The graphic design students created a brand that has a small town feel yet is hip and innovative. It emits emotions associated with the positive energy that small towns offer. This brand will help architecture students engage with these communities in a new way.

“These [graphic design] students do great work. They presented us with three options and we loved them all,” said Nagelkirk.

“It was a hard decision to make in terms of, which one do we choose? For the most part, they deliver what we want.”

The graphic design students who worked on the project demonstrate the excellence associated with the Graphic Design Program at Ferris State University.

Follow the link to see an example of Small Town Studio. Follow the link below to discover the Small Town Studio website: Small Town Studio.