Graphic Design Seniors

Graphic Design Students Prepare for Senior Projects

I'm really excited to get this year started.

The final year of the Graphic Design program moves into the Design Project Center (DPC), which fosters a real work-life environment for design students. The DPC experience is both an internship and first-hand experience in the design field. Students work with actual clients throughout the year; among this year’s clients are Ferris Admissions, Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation’s Mindshare Event, our Senior Portfolio Review and Step UP! Ferris (a national social awareness campaign).

Shelby Soberalski, a member of the Senior Portfolio Review design team, describes her first week with the DPC this way: “Meeting with our client made the whole idea of the DPC come alive. All of the clients are exciting, but being on the Senior Portfolio event team is such an amazing opportunity. We get to represent our classmates, the College of Business, the University as a whole. I’m really excited to get this year started.”

The design program at Ferris offers more than the internship-like experience in the DPC; it also opens up opportunities for students to receive summer internships. This summer some of the students of the class of 2016 interned at places like Haworth, Quicken Loans, Epoch Lacrosse, and Peopledesign. Their internship experiences varied from web design and development to art direction on video and photo shoots.

“Working at Haworth helped me grow not only as a designer and a person, but also as a professional,” Hayley Bunschoten, a digital application intern at Haworth, says. “I was able to work on the Haworth Collection website prototypes and apply my knowledge from the past three years in the design program. Being able to apply my design knowledge to a real project really put it all into perspective for me”

The Graphic Design program prepares students for life after graduation in the design industry in and out of the classroom. Seniors will apply the knowledge they have acquired over the past three years at Ferris and from summer internships on their final senior projects.

“I’m eager to take what I have learned from my internship and class into this final year of school,” senior Alex Johnson says. “This year will be a challenge, but I know it will all pay off, and I will come out as a more prepared designer once I graduate.”

The Graphic Design program at Ferris State University has a consistently high job placement rate for its grads.