Graphic Design Summer Interns Prove They’ve Got What It Takes

Bethany Sonefeld

Company: ESPN
Location: Bristol, Connecticut
Description: “This summer I worked as a Digital Media Intern within’s editorial design team. There were day to day responsibilities like creating graphics that help maintain’s website or updating their content management system with new information. Then there are more large-scale projects, such as testing the mobile redesign or designing headers for feature stories online. We had weekly Design Meetings where the in-house design team met to collaborate and discuss projects we’ve been working on. I was able to see the progress behind large scale projects and see how
they evolve and grow throughout the design phases. Being able to give my feedback and have other designers value my opinion was extremely rewarding. During my 10 weeks in Bristol, I was able to shadow different departments, such as the User Testing Group and the Mobile Development Team. It was interesting to see how different teams collaborate in an effort to run such a large scale website like It was very beneficial to be able to speak to corporate executives and ask them questions or advice, since they were once in my shoes.”

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Shannon Reid

Company: WTW Design
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Description: “WTW is a small company that has around seven part time workers employed for the time being, but they are growing and expanding and beginning to bring on people for full time work. Most of the projects that I got to work on were for long time clients of my boss’s such as U of M, the Chelsea School District, and the Chelsea Aquatic Club doing work that ranged from T-shirt design, brochures, pamphlets, large poster designs, and even room layout and design. One of the coolest parts of my job was that on the rare occasion that I went and worked in the office (due to a 2 hour commute with traffic), I would get to go around to clients at U of M and talk with them about their upcoming projects and help my boss scout locations for photography and other upcoming events. The wide range of projects really helped me expand my work and look at new areas that I haven’t gotten to work with before such as room layout and design.”

Ashley Meyer

Company: Traffic Digital Agency
Location: Royal Oak, Michigan
Description: “I had the opportunity of working at Traffic Digital Agency, a full-service digital marketing and creative agency in Royal Oak. Traffic Digital is a start up agency that has a lot of plans for the future and also has growing clientele. During my internship as a design intern, I worked very closely with not only the art director but developers, social media strategists, copywriters and many more people who make up their team. Throughout this experience, I was able to gain more diverse skills in a variety of fields such as SEO, social media marketing and other web strategies to build brand loyalty. I worked on numerous real client projects for Cottage Inn Pizza, 1-800-lawfirm, 212 restaurant and many more. I assisted in a lot of web design projects and was asked to be part of building and designing the new company website. The collaborative environment is something I enjoyed most about Traffic, as well as the experience of being part of a start up company and seeing that growth. Upon ending my internship, I was offered a full time position as part of their team. This experience has assured me more than ever that I have made the right career path into something that I am truly passionate about it.”

Meredith Twiss

Company: TechSmith

Location: Okemos, MI
Description: “This summer, I was fortunate enough to be an intern at TechSmith, a screen capture and recording software company in Okemos, MI. The focus was on User Experience, rather than Graphic Design specifically. Even so, I found that Ferris State University’s Graphic Design program is structured in such a way that understanding User Experience is significant in creating effective designs. In fact, I was told that it was my unique background in Graphic Design that led to my being selected for an interview. User Experience and Graphic Design are just functions of the same design world. I learned to manage projects and meetings. I gained experience interacting with other employees and discovered the importance of maintaining a good relationship with a manager. While I learned much from the design professionals I worked under, it was the opportunity to interact with the many developers at TechSmith that will prove most invaluable as a skill upon graduation. I can’t share any details about the project I worked on because it’s not a public facing application just yet. As an intern, it was awesome to be an active part of brainstorming sessions for what was then a nonexistent application and to see it grow through to the prototype phase.”

Emily Noffsinger 

Company: Grey Matter Group
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Description: “Grey Matter Group is a small marketing and design firm, working there was a great experience for me. In my time there I was able to work on projects from beginning to end, interact with clients, and learn from the professionals I worked amongst. Being an intern was great, my creative director wanted me to take away as much as possible from the experience. It was awesome to be involved with small firm because there was a huge range in project diversity. One day I’d be sketching, the next I’d be at a video shoot. Overall a positive experience that has helped me be confident working in a professional setting.”

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Ashley Kasul 

Company: University Advancement and Marketing
Location: Big Rapids, MI
Description: “I worked for University Advancement and Marketing this summer in the Prakken building. It was interesting working in an environment where there are different types of jobs all geared towards the Ferris brand, with internal clients. I did a few print jobs, but worked mostly to reinvent layouts within the CMS system that Ferris uses to show the opportunities that are possible with the templates that are provided. I feel that I gathered some experience that could be related to other corporate experiences.