Internship Shows Spectrum of Graphic Media Management

I loved working with customers and helping them execute their jobs.

Graphic Media Management student Samantha Hillock will begin her final year at Ferris this fall. Hillock originally came to Ferris to study Graphic Design, which she has always been passionate about. Studying Graphic Design led her to her job at the Graphic Media Management Print Lab, where she got a chance to work on the production side and fell in love with working with customers. This experience prompted Hillock to change her major and seek a Bachelor degree in Graphic Media Management in addition to her Associates in Graphic Design.

“Graphic Media Management is all about being adaptable, patient and detail oriented,” she said. “After working a year at the print lab with [professor] Patrick Klarecki, I realized that design wasn’t my only passion. I loved working with customers and helping them execute their jobs.”

Here at Ferris, Graphic Media Management (GMAN) and Graphic Design are two separate programs. GMAN is focused on the production side of graphic arts and teaches students to use critical thinking and technical skills to ensure projects are finished and presented correctly. Many Graphic Design students use Graphic Media Management Print Lab, where Hillock works, to bring their in-class projects from the screen to the page.

Since the two programs overlap in various ways, some students, like Hillock, earn an associates in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Media Management. The GMAN program is structured in a 2+2 format, which means students spend two years start with an associates degree in Graphic Communications or Graphic Design and then study Graphic Media Management in their final two years.

Through the knowledge Hillock is gaining, she hopes to one day work as a creative director for a nonprofit company handling their marketing and production, as well as overseeing their designs.

“My majors have really given me the knowledge to be a creative director because I have studied both Graphic Design and Graphic Media Management. A creative director must be very knowledgeable about the process of projects from start to finish.”

Professor Patrick Klarecki of GMAN, considered by Hillock to be an “amazing mentor,” encouraged Hillock to spend this summer growing her skills and helped her find her internship at Phillips Printing in Nashville, Tennessee. Hillock describes Phillips as a one-stop shop because they offer in-house printing, marketing, design, and direct mail services. Since Hillock is passionate about both design and production, her internship gives her a chance to explore both.

“At Phillips Printing they really wanted to give me a full experience of the overall company and what all the company offers. At the end of my internship I will have worked with the design and marketing team, sales department, on the production floor, as well as learning and working with direct mailing. In the printing industry there are no routines, so no day is the same as the next,” Hillock said. “[I am] experiencing ingenuity, great communication, and expertise [and] have gained so much knowledge to prepare me for my career.”