Laura D’Artanay, Hospitality

International Students Expand Horizons in Hospitality

People are more competitive and wise when they study under a different education [system] and culture.

Here at Ferris State University, over 50 different countries are represented by the international students who make up nearly four percent of our student body. Laura D’Artanay and Yadan Du are both international students studying within the College of Business Hospitality program.

Du is from a media city in China. She is studying Resort Management at Ferris because she finds hospitality interesting and says she genuinely enjoys her classes. She hopes to be able to earn her Master’s Degree and to one day put her skills to use in a beautiful environment.

When asked why she chose to study at Ferris, Du said “I like traveling and experiencing this world. I think people are more competitive and wise when they study under a different education [system] and culture. I came to Ferris, because I [have] traveled [to] lots of places in US, but not here. And I also want to study in a quiet place.”

Du enjoys being an international student because she has so many opportunities to see new places. She admits that the new surroundings were a challenge to adjust to, but is very happy with how she has been expanding her horizons here at Ferris.

Likewise D’Artanay, a Hotel Management student with minors in Special Events and Meeting Management and Sales and Marketing, traveled from Southeast Venezuela to study here for all of the opportunities Ferris offers as a student and future professional.

“Ever since I started middle school, I knew I wanted to come to the States,” D’Artanay said. “The situation my country was going through at the time led me to this decision very young. My parents supported me since the beginning because they knew there was no opportunity to thrive in that environment.”

She explained that she chose Ferris from a list of 50 universities, which she narrowed down based on the criteria that mattered to her. At the end of her search, she determined that Ferris would be able to offer her all she needs to succeed.

About her career goals, D’Artanay said “I want to be involved within the events world. This is a very broad statement so I am going to narrow it down by parts I would like to be involved in: meetings, social gatherings and conferences.”

She has yet to decide whether she wants to focus on planning events or executing them, but hopes that her summer internship in the Banquets Department at Shanty Creek Resorts in Bellaire, Michigan, will help her learn more about her strengths, skills, and preferences in the industry. For this internship, she acts as a set-up person, server, and supervisor for events at the resorts. So far she has enjoyed the experience and said she “would certainly consider Banquet Management positions after graduation.”

D’Artanay noted that the biggest challenge she had to overcome as an international student was missing her family.

“Missing my family is something that I struggle with every day. I wish they could be here with me, but I know they’re happy for me and everything I have achieved while I am here. Many get to go home on the weekends and see their loved ones, but as an international student that it’s nearly impossible. Thank goodness for Skype!”